In 1922, Anna Ristucci left the mountains of Calabria, Italy and moved to the South Side of Chicago to begin an exciting new life with dreams of raising her children in America.  While her husband worked long hours, Anna struggled to raise a growing family, ensuring their home was rich with the traditions of the “old country”.  Anna’s passion for food was evident in her love of gardening her own fresh ingredients, which she combined with the recipes and traditions of the Ristucci family.

Mike Kramer grew up in his Grandmother’s kitchen.  Beginning as a young boy, he stood along side her, helping her as she bustled about in the kitchen.  His childhood was filled with these warm memories – watching and learning as his Grandmother created her Italian feasts from the traditional Ristucci family recipes, which were never written down, but rather, always recalled from memory.  And just like that, a lifelong passion for food was handed down to another generation.

Our Story

Mike’s Godfather, Frank Ristucci, the youngest child of Anna, cultivated his own passion for traditional cooking.  He lends his culinary talents to creating and perfecting the best traditional Chicago style pizza in the Midwest.  Frank’s closely guarded sauce and dough recipes were handed down to Mike, which he has been perfecting for the past 40 years.

It’s Mike’s passion for cooking, coupled with the warm memories of a lifetime of family breaking bread together in a traditional Italian kitchen, that he brings to his guests at Toscana Pizza & Pasta.  We know you will fall in love with the food, and we hope you and your family feel transported to a time of tradition and family togetherness…

Mangia Bene!

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